Love Lux Pricing

We are there for every moment to capture every angle


Who is capturing your wedding?

Maelle & Tristan. We never outsource or contract

We shoot with 2 cameras during the ceremony: This allows us to capture the moment from every angle with maximum creativity. We use the latest UHD & 4K cameras with cinema grade portrait and landscape lenses. Believe it or not, audio and music are just as important as video. This why we offer full live ambient and groom microphone audio recordings with our service. This includes speeches, vows and any other major event.

Are you paying per hour of coverage?

No, we are there for the full day!

We understand it can be hard to pick and choose what part of the day will be captured and what will be missed. We make it easy, we are there from start to finish.

What is created

3-5 minutes cinematic highlight film.

This is where we create your cinematic short film. We use music and live audio recorded from the day to create a powerful, creative and emotional film that you will love to watch over and over again. Yes, we offer much more! We offer a range of additional edits that can be added at any time before and even after the wedding. See our film selections page for more options.

What’s delivered

Your One of a kind vintage momento box

Your unique box will contain a rustic wooden USB stick with the highlight film in a TV, web and social media friendly UHD file format. Plus, a handful of additional still photographs. You will be able to watch and share your video with anyone on any device.

Wedding video box

Film Selections


$350 – Upgrade: highlight to Mini-story Film 6-8 minutes

We expand the length of the regular highlight film by adding more segments of the vows, speeches, and dances with more cinematic shots that we couldn’t fit in a 3-5 minutes version.

$650 – ADD: SHORT FILM 20-25 minutes

The short film is a perfect choice for those who want to have their complete vows as well as more sections of the ceremony and sections of the speeches. We edit this together with the best cinematic storytelling shots, music and live audio.

$250 – ADD: SOCIAL MEDIA EDIT 30-45 seconds

You just had your wedding day and it was awesome, but how do you show everyone just how awesome it was? Our social films are 30-45 seconds long and feature the best 8-12 shots from the day cut with music, uploaded and ready to share.

Watch example


Don’t miss a second of it! A separate film of the full ceremony with high-quality live audio.


Speeches are important! People tell amazing and wonderful stories on your wedding day. A separate film for each speech in its entirety. If multiple speeches are selected you have the choice for it to be in the same film or each separate.


You practice your dance for weeks or months for the big day, let’s make sure you remember it. A separate film for the dance in its entirety. If multiple dances are selected you have the choice for it to be in the same film or each separate.